Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system

Mobile Homes with air conditioning with CLIMA CARD

All our mobile homes and coco beach tents have an air conditioning and heating system. Air conditioning is a comfort that we want to offer to our customers!   At Campeggio della Colombaia we want to make an active contribution to the management of environmental sustainability, because we would like to become greener. With the Clima Card system we would also like to encourage our guests to be more aware of energy consumption.

How does the Clima Card system work?

The air conditioning system is activated by inserting the card into the appropriate reader, called "clima card", which will be given at check in. The climate card is pre-loaded with 56 hours per week, for shorter stays an 8 hour charge per day is calculated.
For example, for a 3-night stay: 8 hours x 3 nights = 24 hours free. For a 14-night stay: 8 hours x 14 nights = 112 hours free.   Once the available time has been used up, the card can be recharged at reception at a cost of €0.90 per hour.

Why did we choose to introduce the Clima Card?

To raise our guests' awareness of the environmental issue, because sometimes you just need to settle in to live with summer temperatures. This system allows us to reduce energy consumption by exploiting our dear planet Earth less. The climate card turned out to be the best method to combine a holiday with all the comforts with the theme of environmental sustainability.

Let's not waste, let's collaborate to respect the environment!