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The history of the Camping della Colombaia

The history of the Camping della Colombaia

The Camping Site land belongs to the Beretta family since late 1800's. Steep and mostly hilly, it used to be an olive grove, as evidenced by near 300 secular trees whose olives are still milled in the Beretta olive press to produce a PDO certified extra-virgin oil. On top of the hill sits the old Colombaia tower which gave its name to the camping site, where traveling doves trained to carry messages used to stay.
En 1952, Mr Diego Beretta, father and grandfather of the current owners, intuited the potential for tourism of the family land and had the vision to create a camping site. The first clients were coming from Northern Europe and were mostly Germans who, during the post-war period, were crossing the Brennero by bike with Canadian tents in their backpacks. Between the 1990’s and 2000's, the customer base became mostly Italian.

In 2020, the Camping Site is radically transformed to promote an environmentally sustainable tourism for outdoor experiences in luxurious accommodation for families with children who wish to relax surrounded by the Valtenesi nature, according to the philosophy of the camping village where camping meets glamor. The strong connexion with nature remains unaltered. Local wild animals live in harmony with hosts, squirrels running down the trees, wild rabbits digging dens under the bushes, hedgehogs wandering about during the quiet nights and fireflies twinkling on summer evenings. You will also see ducks and swans floating away from the beach and strolling along the alleys, familiarizing with people.